duminică, 21 august 2016


Each day is different, like the glint of a precious stone-
Tomorrow will be different from the way I see it today.
From afar coral shines among them all,
Phosphorescent in the bottom of the sea, where
The clueless diving suits keep arriving.
When I meet his gaze, I dive into the depths;
The abysses come closer in space for the first time,
Faults are joined, wounds regenerate,
Suture stitches vanish in the healing-
We become a whole.
My heart beats fast, like when I am
At the sea shore, my blood transforms,
Through my veins sea water ink runs,
Everything I touch becomes the flight of birds,
Everything I breathe is the movement of waves.
In his eyes books succeed as ships in the water,
I never tire of turning the pages:
We have met on the same read pages, it’s easy
To see how each dive raises feelings,
Like each ship anchors in our souls.  
I have stopped in mid-water, what’s the course?
His path traces mine, the vital conditions.
How many lives may man have, how many deaths and loves?
A great ship pulls our hearts filled
With renewed harmony- the world’s ship.
              (Translation in English by Laura Chalar, Uruguay)   

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